Membership Application and Renewal Form

Note, you have to make three choices on this page:

  • Select membership type and the amount of any donation to the library fund
  • Select whether this is a renewal or a new membership application
  • Select the term of the membership

Nominate your membership type

Single – full Cost $78 per year.   

Tax deductible donation to the library fund

If you would like to make a donation
please enter the amount $

Single – pensioner Cost $73 per year.
Joint – full Cost $116 per year.
Joint – pensioner Cost $106 per year.
Journal only – Australia Cost $35 per year.
Journal only – Overseas Cost $45 per year.

   Note: A joining fee of $20 applies to new members and members lapsed for more than 12 months.


Is this a renewal?

Yes, I am renewing an existing membership.
    Membership Number Member 1
    Membership Number Member 2
No, I am not a member or my membership lapsed more than 12 months ago.
    I understand I am required to pay a joining fee.

Number of years of membership?

One year (to the end of the same month next year)
Two years (to the end of the same month the year after next)


The Ancestral Searcher delivery preference?

I would like to receive my Ancestral Searcher by e-mail
I would like a printed copy of my Ancestral Searcher posted to me

Obtain membership card preference?

I will pick up my card from the library the next time I visit
Please post my membership card to me