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Andrew Pinkerton

We extend our condolences to Bobby, the other members of the family, and the many friends of Andrew Pinkerton, who passed away on 24 October 2017, having been a member of the Society for more than 30 years.

Andrew has been a major contributor to the Scottish SIG since its formation, and was Convenor from February 2006 until December 2011. His knowledge of Scotland was a very valuable asset to the SIG and he presented many informative talks on a wide range of topics. He also set a very high standard with the questions he would compile for the quiz at the Christmas meeting.

Andrew was also involved in many other Society activities. He has (with Bobby) been doing Library duty mainly on weekends since 2002. He served on Council 2002-2003 and in a non-committee post as Minute Secretary 2009-2011. He contributed to the Library Shelf Checking program from its inception in 2003, and was always available for help on anything Scottish.

Andrew will be sorely missed by everyone who has worked with him.