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Professor Peter Stanley

The other face of the Great War: The Crying Years at home

Prof. Peter Stanley reflects on a side of the Great War which remains largely obscure even in the midst of its centenary. His recent book, The Crying Years: Australia's Great War, is based on the collections of the National Library of Australia. It reveals a different view of the war years to the one with which we're familiar. Peter will reflect on the way Australians are 'remembering' the Great War on the centenary of Passchendaele.

About Peter

Prof. Peter Stanley of UNSW Canberra has published over thirty books, and in the past decade has specialised in writing about the Great War, including Lost Boys of Anzac, Digger Smith and Australia's Great War, Die in Battle, Do not Despair (the first ever book on Indians on Gallipoli) and Bad Characters, which was jointly awarded the Prime Minister's Prize for Australian history in 2011.