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Tuesday 7 March 2017 at 8pm

Cook Community Hall

Monthly Meeting

John Jervis

Towrang Stockade – why and where?

Towrang Stockade was the last of the convict stockades in Australia, as the convict era was drawing to a close by the 1850s. One of Governor Macquarie’s early aims was to open up Australia by utilising and isolating convicts in chains. Successive Governors implemented this aim. However, this isolation proved extremely difficult for both convicts and the military personnel guarding them. The Towrang site was chosen because of its proximity to materials needed for building the South Road, and a water supply was there.
John’s interest is in correcting what we’ve been taught about the convict era. This interest was developed by his parents who were keen to promote in John how to approach problems using alternate methods. John has been researching the Towrang anomalies for the past fifty years. John would welcome any memorabilia or stories relating to the Towrang area that you might have, and he will bring items of interest for a ‘show and tell’.
The photo below is of Culvert 6, one of the many culverts and bridges built by the Towrang Stockade convicts.