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Current Table of contents

Vol 41 No 3 September 2018

The Disappearing MusicianBarbara Moore112
My Missing Convict Who Redeemed HimselfJenny Burgess115
Parramatta Female Factory BicentennialAlma Burg118
Ardfinnan, Tipperary to Longbottom, New South WalesDiana Heins120
William the Highway RobberAlma Burg124
The LeamysTony FitzPatrick127
Rascals or Ratbags Remembering our Convict PastMichele Rainger130
A Convict Life Drawn from Government DocumentationClare McGuiness134
Anne Beard/BeerJenny Burgess138
150 Convicts 139
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan111
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie110
Hot SitesCora Num148
Hot Sources No. 141Cora Num150
New Collection Items In BriefBarbara Moore152
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves154
Society Education and Social ActivitiesSue Pallins & Clare McGuiness158
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors  164
Convict SIG Mint Excursion 119
Looking for Relatives of Brogan, Ashworth, Collyer and Dando 137
Writing Competition 147
Family History MonthClare McGuiness163

Vol 41 No 2 June 2018

Meritorious Service Award - Cora Num  058
The Great Fire of Wellington 1879 Janice Borg Caruana 063
Sam Tongway - A Story of Assimilation David Tongway 066
My ancestor was … an Innkeeper Elaine Gifford070
My ancestor was … a Piano Tuner Sandra Barnbaum 074
My Husband’s ancestor was … a Foreign SoldierJean Main 076
My ancestor was … a Vagrant Rosemary McKenzie 078
Negotiating Genealogical ‘Brick Walls’ Kris Jacobsen 082
The Curious Case of the Shared Relative Peter Grills 086
Ballyfaudeen Eviction Notices Jim Foley089
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan 057
From the Editor Rosemary McKenzie 056
Hot Sites Cora Num 090
Hot Sources No. 140 Cora Num 092
New Collection Items In Brief Barbara Moore 096
From Our Contemporaries Peter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves 098
Society Education and Social Activities Sue Pallins & Clare McGuiness 103
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors  108
Memories of Congress March 2018  060
The Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell June Penny 069
Digitised Journals Through Trove Lynne Curran 077
Education & Events this Quarter Sue Pallins & Clare McGuiness 095

Vol 41 No 1 March 2018

Using Heritage Building Assessments in Family History ResearchTherese Lynch004
Mrs Ellen Farrell nee ConnellPeter Mayberry008
Gatenby Robert BoltonElaine Gifford013
Things My Mother Used to SayMichele Rainger016
I Wish I Could Remember …Sandra Barnbaum018
My Grandmother …Susan Pillans018
Coronation Day June 1953Bobby Pinkerton020
Slab Hut to Colonial HomesteadJenny Wood022
Reverend Joseph ClampettJean Ffrench025
Who Was Elizabeth Smith?Jennifer Burgess030
Planning Directions for Education and EventsSue Pallins & Clare McGuiness032
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan003
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie002
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Hot Sources No. 139Cora Num038
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves040
Society Education and Social ActivitiesSue Pallins & Clare McGuiness048
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors 054
Wrestling With German RecordsRaoul Middelmann007
DAM Musings …Danny O’Neill019
Floating Prisons - Book ReviewJenny Morris034
Looking for a Woodbridge ConnectionJohn Castle039

Vol 40 No 4 December 2017

The 1891 Women’s Suffrage Petition.
Did your ancestor support the cause?
Therese Lynch132
The Women with No NameLee English136
A Victorian CourtshipGillian Kendrigan138
Taking a Stand for the Women’s VoteJane Morrison142
Emily’s CrossGina Tooke148
Francis John McMillan Oyston CompiledChris Oyston150
Traditional Marriages?Mike Hutchinson152
A Conversation With The PastPaul Varsanyi153
Christmas from the Writers SIG Compiled Gina Tooke156
Hatching, Matching and Dispatching on Sydney’s North ShoreJulia Ermert160
Patrick O’Sullivan, NSW Railway Station MasterJanette James162
The Last Piece of the JigsawBeryl Strusz165
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan131
From the Editor RosemaryMcKenzie130
Hot SitesCora Num168
Hot Sources No. 138Cora Num170
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves172
Society Education and Social ActivitiesSue Pallins174
New Collection Items in BriefBarbara Moore FHGSC177
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors 180
Vale Andrew Pinkerton  159
Vale Shirely Grace Cameron 159

Vol 40 No 3 September 2017

Overview of Australian CopyrightJennifer Barnes082
Bob and MeJohn Mercer088
Lionel Leslie Eric North 1898 to 1997 (Father, Pop)William North & Karenn Layne089
HAGSOC 50 Years – Celebration Luncheon 19 Oct 2014Pam Ray FHGSC092
Steaming SouthwardsRobyn Coghlan096
My Journey as our Family HistorianPeter Grills100
Did Your Ancestor Work For The Victorian Railways?Therese Lynch103
DNA – Breaking Down a Solid Brick WallRobyn Sharman Hawking104
From Mountbellew Workhouse to Western AustraliaAleysha McGrath & Kathleen Connolly108
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan080
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie081
Hot SitesCora Num112
Hot Sources No. 137Cora Num114
New Collection Items in BriefBarbara Moore FHGSC116
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves120
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill124
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors 128
Vale David Rymer 099
New DNA Special Interest Group! 107

Vol 40 No 2 June 2017

Never Give Up!Barb Toohey046
Finding GenealogyPeter Snowdon048
Finding the Parkin Family in Garston, LancashireAndrew Eliason050
Success from an Unexpected SourceBarbara Moore FHGSC054
Anzac Day in MilduraBarb Toohey & Sue Pillans057
Colin Christie – A Self-made Man of Many TalentsMarilyn Woodward058
Sir Robert Menzies –A Cornish Mining Family’s Illustrious DescendantTherese Lynch062
Regular Articles
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie044
President’s ReportNick Reddan045
Hot SitesCora Num064
Hot Sources No. 136Cora Num066
New Collection Items in BriefBarbara Moore FHGSC 68 
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves070
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill073
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors 078
Baptisms in The Burial RegistersNiel Gunson FHGSC061
Ways to Overcome Genealogy Brick Walls US Family Tree Magazine 067
Update on Red Cross Archives InformationDavid Palmer072
Brickwalls, Old Dog, New TricksShauna Hicks077

Vol 40 No 1 March 2017

Mathew Mahide – At last, a convict in the family!Therese Lynch004
Miners and MigrationRobyn Coghlan008
Family History ResearchDenise Burton011
'Taking the Cure' at Rotorua in 1880Jane Morrison012
My Family’s 175 year Association with the Canberra AreaJohn Clowry016
Baptisms and Burials in Iden, 1785Peter Snowdon023
The Benaud-Pratt FamilyJoan Pratt024
Convict Identikit MugshotsTherese Lynch026
Regular Articles
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie002
President's ReportNick Reddan003
Hot SitesCora Num028
Hot Sources No. 135Cora Num030
New Collection Items in BriefBarbara Moore032
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy034
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill037
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors 042

Vol 39 No 4 December 2016

A Place to Call HomeGina Tooke160
Captain Arthur HolmesJenny Holmes162
My Convict Ancestor - Charlotte FosterHelen Digan164
Captain Percy Hunt, Harry Morant and James McConnell Diana Heins167
Our Family History HolidayGillian Kendrigan170
Uncovering Your Tommies StoryM H Stutters174
A Son of ErinColin McJannett180
A Man for All SeasonsPaul Varsanyi184
Wiener Riesenrad - Ferris WheelJan Grant188
Forensic PortraitureRoss Andrews189
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan159
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie158
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Hot Sources No. 134Cora Num198
New Collection Items in BriefBarbara Moore200
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy203
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill206
Services for Members 210
South of England SIG 2017 ProgramDick Stevens192
Vale Cedric Francis Pratt 193
Vale Pamela Leslie Rothwell 193
Vale Eunice Marian Fletcher 194

Vol 39 No 3 September 2016

Mick Jagger and His Australian ConnectionFrances Corcoran110
The Great Manure TheftFrank M Mitchell112
From the Trenches of WW1 (Part 2)Malcolm Murray116
Little Grandma – From Orange to Bondi JunctionCathy Raper120
Exiled!Pam and Neil Body124
The Three Medical Gentlemen of BombalaEleanor Vardanega127
The Vicissitudes of Three Convict Lives (Part 2)Brendan O’Keefe130
Eight Generations of Separation Kevin McMahon133
Regular Articles
President’s Report Nick Reddan109
From the Editor Rosemary McKenzie108
Hot SitesCora Num140
Hot Sources No. 133Cora Num150
HAGSOC Library - New AcquisitionsBarbara Moore146
From Our Overseas ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves142
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill 151151
Services for Members 156
Vale Richard McCluskey 126
Vale Mollie Meadows 126

Vol 39 No 2 June 2016

George Peart and the Austral Wheel RaceAndrew Eliason056
Amazing AddressesJenny Smith058
A Sudden DeathBarbara Broad060
From the Trenches of WW1 (Part 1)Malcolm Murray062
Then Along Came TroveBarbara Moore066
Beyond the WW1 Service Record – Filling in the GapsMary H Stutters070
Four Weddings and an ExecutionRobyn Coghlan074
The Vicissitudes of Three Convict Lives (Part 1)Brendan O’Keefe078
A Soldier and his WatchWendy Benson082
Robert Wallbutton Probation Officer and DeaconElizabeth Smith085
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan055
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie054
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Hot Sources No. 132Cora Num092
HAGSOC Library - New AcquisitionsBarbara Moore094
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy & Pauline Bygraves098
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill101
Services for Members 106
100 ANZACS 097
Address, email & website changes and eJournals 73, 81
Library NewsPam Ray090
‘What would my grandfather think of the choices I’ve made?’Dr Christine Deane091

Vol 39 No 1 March 2016

How a DNA Test Solved a MysteryMarily Woodward004
The 1939 German “Minority Census”Raoul Middelmann007
Dictionary of Irish BiographyNick Reddan008
Dutch Nobility BooksJennifer Barnes011
100 Anzacs Part 4 012
On The MoneyPeter Procter019
Where’d You Find That?Tony FitzPatrick022
Book Review - Elizabeth JackPam Ray025
New Acquisitions at HAGSOCBarbara Moore029
Regular Articles
President’s ReportNick Reddan002
From the EditorRosemary McKenzie003
Hot SitesCora Num037
Hot Sources No. 131Cora Num038
From Our ContemporariesPeter Kennedy040
Society Education and Social ActivitiesDanny O’Neill046
Services for Members 052
Vale Gladys ClarkeDick Stevens026
Vale Rhoda CsucsyBarbara Moore027
Vale Betty IggoPam Ray028
Writing Your Story Your WayJennifer Barnes044
South of England SIG 2016 ProgramDick Stevens045