Timeline for Anzacs on Western Front


Western front battles Australians involved in.

July 1916

FROMELLES – The 5th division suffers a disastrous defeat in the first major Australian operation on the western front

July–August 1916

POZIERES – Ist ANZAC captures Pozieres village and the heights beyond

August–September 1916

MOUQUET FARM – Australian defeat – After Pozieres Ist ANZAC fails to capture Mouquet Farm

November 1916

GUEDECOURT – Rested after Pozieres Ist ANZAC returns to the Somme, making limited gains

April–May 1917

BULLECOURT – During the battle of ARRAS, the first Australian attack on Bullecourt fails, the second succeeds

LAGNICOURT – The Australians repulse a German counter attack between the first and second battles of Bullecourt

June 1917

MESSINES – Australian victory - 3rd Divisions first major battle

September 1917

MENIN ROAD – Beginning of the Australian participation in the 3rd Battle of Ypres – Australian victory

POLYGON WOOD – Australian Victory at 3rd Battle of Ypres

October–November 1917

PASSCHENDAELE – Failed Australian attack in the final phase of 3 Battle of Ypres

BROODSEINDE – Australian victory, the third in the series of successes after the battle of Menin Road

March–April 1918

HEBUTERNE – 4th Australian Division defensive victory

DERNANCOURT – Australian defensive victory south of Albert

March–June 1918

MORLANCOURT – Between the Aisne and Somme rivers 2nd, 3rd and 5th Australian Divisions in turn advance towards Morlancourt

April 1918

HAZEBROUCK – 1st Australian Division holds Hazebrouck against the German sixth Army

HANGARD WOOD – South of Villers Bretonneux the Australians failed to capture Hangard Wood

May–June 1918

MERRIS – First Australian Division, in a series of small operations, recovers ground lost in the German offensive

August 1918

ETINEHEM – 13th Brigade (4th Division) captures Etinehem

BRAY – the Australians capture Bray as part of the general advance from 8th August

PROYART – Several days after the commencement of the 8th August offensive, the Australian 10th brigade (3rd Division) captures Proyart

CHUIGNES – Australians capture Chuignes ridge overlooking the Somme during the Second Battle of Albert

LIHONS – 1ST Australian Division captures Lihons

September 1918

BELLICOURT – the Australian Corps break through the Hindenburg Line

October 1918

MONTBREHAIN – The last phase of the Hindenberg Line breakthrough and the Australian infantry's last battle